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Welcome to 12 Fics, yet another themed community. By now it almost goes without saying that 30_kisses and numerous other communities inspired this community. However 12 fics is the sister community of fictionhaven. So both fanfiction and original stories are welcomed as well as fanart and original art. This is a strictly fictional character community so no real person based fiction. I'm sure plenty of other communities allow for that but not this one.

Yes this community is het, yaoi, slash, yuri, femme-slash and gen friendly. Honestly we don't care what couples you write about or how you portray their relationships. And yes threesomes are welcomed here as well as single characters. I think it also almost goes with saying that characters from anime, manga, books, video games, movies, tv shows and so on are allowed here as long as the characters are fictional.

Here is how it works, each person is allowed two claims from different fandoms; you can mix and match this however you want from the following categories.

Characters: Whichever character you chose has to be the main focus of the story. The story can be from another character's perspective but your claim must be the subject of the fic. For instance you have Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and you write a story where Kyou Sohma is angsting over how to proclaim his love to Tohru would be fine. Just make sure that you don't slip into writing a pairing. If you want a pairing than claim a pairing.

Platonic Pairing: Meaning the characters should have a friendship or close bond without any romantic attachments. If you chose a platonic pairing then all 12 pieces must be platonic, no romance with each other period. If you want a romantic pairing than chose a romantic pairing.

Romantic Pairing: Meaning the characters are more than friends. If you chose a romantic pairing again all 12 pieces must be romantic. If you want to do a platonic pairing then I suggest you chose a platonic pairing.

Threesomes: Yes, you can have a threesome and yes all three characters must be featured in all 12 pieces. Look, the way I see it if you want to write about a single character or a pairing then you can chose those options but if you claim a threesome it is only fair you write about the whole trio. The trio can be romantic with each other or they can be just a very close group of friends. The focus of your pieces should be the relationship between the three characters.

In order to give more people a chance at popular claims, we have decided to have two Sets of themes. So you could chose Kikyou/Inuyasha as a romantic pairing for Set #1, while someone else could claim them as a romantic pairing for Set #2. And two more people could still claim Kikyou/Inuyasha as a platonic pairing for Set#1 or Set #2. That gives 4 people a chance to write about a pairing. Characters and Threesomes are basically one claim per Set. Sorry.

Since this is the sister community to Fictionhaven, that means constructive criticism is allowed within reason of course. And by saying within reason I mean keep the crit helpful and stay away from borderline flames. If you can't be mature then you don't need to be here.

1. Only two claims per person, and the claims must be from different fandoms. The only exception here would be Originals. I have no problem with someone having two Original claims but they must adhere to the categories listed above.

2. No flaming, no character bashing, and no pairing bashing. I allow constructive criticism but any attempts to hide bashing within "con-crit" will get you banned from this community. By the same token no bashing within the stories either unless you are writing a parody or satire.

3. You are allowed to link to stories or art pieces off-site but if you decide to post the story or drawing in its entirety in a community post please use the lj-cut. If you do not know how to use a lj-cut then read here. If a picture or story is not behind a lj-cut, the post will be deleted.

4. All ratings allowed, All Ages to Adult Audiences, K to MA, or G to NC-17. Just make sure that you use warnings for anything that may be offensive or that may squick. It is called common courtesy.

5. Make sure your Subject line uses this format [Fandom] [Pairing(platonic or romantic)/Character/Threesome] [Set#/Theme# Theme Name] Title of Story/Art.

Example: [Fruits Basket][Yuki Sohma/Machi Kuragi(Romantic)][#2/#2 delusion] Is It A Dream?

6. Use this format for your entry.

Set + Theme:
Pairing(platonic or romantic)/Character/Threesome:
Word Count:

Your Story/Art behind a lj-cut

Feel free to copy paste the header from the box below.

7. Sorry but no combining themes, this is 12 fics, so if you join this community you are expected to do either 12 fics or 12 art pieces or a combination of both as long as you have a total of 12 pieces when everything is said and done.

8. Fandom Crossovers are allowed but there will be no crossing of Original characters with Fandom characters. There is too much potential for Mary Sues and Gary Stus in my view.

9. Original characters should be from Original stories. Sorry, but no Tina May the long lost sister of Harry Potter. This doesn't mean you can't have a character like Mii from Fruits Basket or Sesshoumaru's mother from Inuyasha. Even though those characters have hardly any screen time or no screen time at all they do exist within canon. So I will allow them.

10. Since we have 12 themes, please try to submit at least one theme every two months. If you are having difficulties just let me know either through livejournal or just email me at ariyanaforever[at] livejournal [dot] com. For the record any pieces you submit can be anywhere from 100 word drabbles, simple sketches to full out multi-chaptered fics and full colored art.

11. Please make sure that all stories that are submitted be at the very least spell checked. Remember constructive criticism is allowed here. So it is certainly to your benefit to put your best effort forward.

12. No advertising or personal post please. Anything off-topic will be deleted. If you would like to affiliate with this community drop me an email or respond to the affiliate post.

13. Finally if you've read the rules and are ready to join go to THIS POST. Make sure to put "Request" in the header, and put the following information in your post:


Remember, if you are choosing a pairing make sure to note Platonic or Romantic.

Set #1:

01. hunger02. addiction03. lottery
04. hot water05. greed06. pets
07. procrastination08. storms09. mockery
10. Road Trip11. blind date12. death

Set #2:

01. ice02. delusion03. lust
04. weapons05. time06. sick; sickness
07. gamble08. explosion09. wisdom; wise
10. overdose11. faith12. one night stand; fling

Bonus: These you can add on or substitute with these.

13. movies; books14. vacation15. Online16. appointment
17. night; evening18. temptation19. innocence20. blood

Community Links:
Make A Claim
Drop A Claim/Themes Completed
Ask Questions Here
Ask About Affiliating Here

Sister community: fictionhaven: A place to get concrits for your works, hold fandom-related discussions and share goodfics. Challenges are posted monthly; all fandoms and originals are welcomed.



Disclaimer: All stories posted belong to their respective authors. The Animes, Mangas, Comic books, TV Series, Musicals, Books and Movies depicted in these fanfictions do not belong to this community. So please do not sue us. No money is being made off of this site. This web site/community is just for fun and pure entertainment.

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